YOUR TOPIC IS: Oceanic Apex Predators: Orcas vs. Great White Sharks
The paper would describe each predator in detail and then compare/contrast their hunting skills and end with which predator is the true apex predator and why.
Each student will upload an original essay, on a topic to be selected from the attached list (or another topic approved by the instructor). Only one student will be allowed to select a particular topic. The essay is to be 1.5-spaced. Students must ensure that the file is complete, correctly formatted, and accessible for electronic editing (Word format preferred). It should be presented in the style and format of an article in a refereed biological journal. Please consult a recent issue of that journal, such as Conservation Biology, for instructions of style, format, and references. Single column. Maps and illustrations welcome and encouraged.
The essay is to provide students the opportunity to research a topic of interest in some depth and to learn to use library research materials and sources to gain knowledge of their selected topic. The Web of Science or Google Scholar is a great place to start your online research. The essay is also an opportunity for you to develop skills in scientific writing for a particular journal. This takes time so start early. If I find a sloppy, poorly researched text, your grade will suffer.
Essays will be graded for both style and content, as a scientific manuscript. One part of the total grade will be assigned for “Style and Format”. This includes spelling and grammatical errors, as well as the detailed requirements for the journal (the form used for citation of references, etc.). The rest of the grade for the essay will be assigned for “Scientific Content”. This includes both the factual material in the essay and the synthesis, discussion, and interpretation of the topic. Students are encouraged to prepare preliminary drafts of their essays well in advance of the deadline, to submit them to me for comments and suggestions, and, if they wish, to exchange drafts of their essays with several of their classmates for constructive criticisms and comments. Essays should not be less than twelve nor more than twenty pages in total length. The deadline for submission of essays is posted in the Class Assignment calendar.
The term paper must be original and produced by the student for this assignment.
Please also see uploaded files for more example papers and specifics.