Your job in this paper is to describe and illustrate a topic or theme using Braiding Sweetgrass
and at least three of the four disciplinary areas and we have examined in this course. You should
be able to tie the topic or theme to our broader discussions about how knowledge is created,
used, and shared in the world around us.
No matter how you visualize it, your aim is to think and write about something you identify with
and is important to you. For example, you could consider how science, social science and the
humanities think about ethics, or how fine arts, social science, and humanities influence pop
culture. The topic is quite open, but it must be something you can CLEARLY connect to three
of the four. You must use at least two SPECIFIC references to Braiding Sweetgrass in your
essay to support and illustrate the connections Do NOT simply summarize information from
class; you are expected to analyze and integrate knowledge. Consult with your instructor about
topic ideas, and we will be discussing ideas in the tutorials and labs as well.
Choose a single idea or topic that is meaningful for you, something you find interesting,
something you have been curious about, and something you want to explore further. The main
aim is for you to find and describe the way you see the disciplines work with or apply to the
topic. Your own voice is important, and you are expected to write in the first person (using “I”).
The essay should be clear and well-organized. It should have a title that reflects what the essay is
about. It should be without spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors or slips; be sure to
proof-read carefully before handing in your final copy.
Keep quotations to a minimum. Express your ideas as much as possible in your own words. But
if you use any of the course readings, direct quotations, or paraphrase other sources, cite them
using a consistent citation format. You do not need to cite the lectures or slides, just
acknowledge where you got it from.