You will use the bioppsychosocial case study to select (4) treatment plan Problem/Symptoms. However, you must use at least 3-4 literature (books and/or journals) to elaborate on the problem/symptom and justify why it is an issue that should be addressed in the treatment plan. You will use APA 7th edition to write your assignment. This is a 6-7 page paper. The following must be the outline you use to develop each treatment plan problem/goal and objectives:
Treatment Plan Problem/Symptom #1 (you must use literature citation to justify the problem/symptom for the treatment plan).
Length of Time (indicate how long this treatment plan goal will be addressed–3 months/6 months) Why?
Intervention Modality: (MI, Problem-solving, CBT, etc) make sure to use literature citation to elaborate on the intervention modality you selected.
This assignment is worth 30 points. I attached a document with samples of goals and objectives to help you with this assignment.