Write an essay of 2000-3000 words. You will not be required to follow a specific style guide, but you will be expected to demonstrate academic essay structure with a paragraph of introduction, paragraphs arguing specific points, and a paragraph of summation. There should be no spelling or grammatical errors. Your voice should be academic. Footnote or endnote any sources used. You will be expected to use no less than two sources, which must be books or journals. Additional sources may be online, but must not be Wikipedia, personal blogs, or social media. You will write on the following prompt:
The letters of Paul make up the majority of the number of books in the New Testament, and his themes have become central to Christianity. Choose a theme from the list below and examine it across multiple letters of Paul to note what the central teachings are, how the letters differ in their treatment of the subject, and what the overlaps and differences mean for understanding the topic.
1. The Body of Christ
2. Food sacrificed to idols
3. Keeping of the Law