Write a Position Paper on a current public policy controversy in the
United States (e.g., Should private businesses in the US have the right to deny service
based on their religious beliefs and practices?; Should marijuana be legalized in the
US?; Should the United States place strict limitations on immigration, whether legal or
illegal?; What should US policy be in regard China and Taiwan?; Or Russia and
Ukraine?; Should Medicare be expanded to all US citizens?, Should the US adopt the
“Green New Deal?”; Should Congress pass the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act?”; etc.).
Make sure that your paper is on a topic that is national in scope, and not an issue that is
specific to one state.
Write a paper taking a position (yes or no) on a current public policy controversy. What
is the issue? Explain in detail. What is the policy proposal (e.g., which law? which
action? which program? which institution? etc.) you are in favor of or against? Explain in
Conduct research on the topic, citing at least three sources from credible and reliable
publications, web sites, journals, books, etc. Formulate an argument based on evidence
in defense of the position you are taking. Also, respond to the most common objections
to this position. Explain how this position impacts the issues of personal responsibility
and social responsibility.
one-inch margins, and a 12-point font. Use a standard style for references, citations, and the
list of sources