Using the research literature you identified so far, explain the differences of TPM from a tactical as well as strategic perspective.
What are the short-term differences?
What are the long-term differences?
Are there any similarities?
What CSFs would be applied to each?
Wysocki, R. K. (2014). Effective project management: Traditional, agile, extreme (7th ed.). Wiley.
Chapter 4, “How to Scope a TPM Project,” pages 103–140.
Chapter 5, “How to Plan a TPM Project,” pages 141–215.
Coulson-Thomas, C. (2016). Changing project and programme management. Management Services, 60(4), 33–38.
Optional Case Study Examples
You may review the following case study related to project management, and if applicable, feel free to utilize it in the development of your course project:
Shamp, P. (2017). Scheduling strategies for construction project managers toward on time delivery (Publication No. 10605866) [Doctoral dissertation, Walden University]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.
Optional Readings
You may choose to read the following:
Okoli, C., & Pawlowski, S. D. (2004). The Delphi method as a research tool: An example, design considerations and applications. Information & Management, 42(1), 15–29.