This assignment must be a minimum of 400 words in length. Please double space and use a 12-pt font.
The submission is expected to be well-written, meeting college level writing standards, with a minimum
of three resources. Cite all sources used in meeting the assignment requirements using APA formatting.
Find an example of an actual application of statistics. You may use a video clip found online (a news clip, interview, etc. or an article about a topic of interest that includes statistics.
The source must clearly
use statistics in addressing the topic and explain the application of statistics to the issue. The article must
be included with the submission, and the article/video link must be included in works cited.
Write an introduction paragraph. Define statistics. Provide one or two sentences broadly describing the
example situation that applies statistics. Include one or two sentences about why you chose this case.
Summarize the example in detail, stating the type of statistics used and explain them in your own words.
Focus on questions such as:
• What kind of statistics were used?
• What do they mean in the context of the situation?
• How were they applied to provide solutions or insights?
• Any other relevant information appropriate to include.
Next, consider what you have learned and compare it to the example. How does the
example demonstrate what you learned? How does it help you to understand statistics? What questions do
you still have about the application?
Be sure to write a brief conclusion statement as its own paragraph.