This assignment is to be typed in MLA essay format, and approximately 1000 words in length. The assignment will include the background of the Gospel(John), its author, its occurrence (what prompted its writing and under what conditions), the thesis, key verse and outline, and a brief summary of the argument. This assignment will also reflect insight, understanding, and personal impact of the Gospel on the student. Use at least three sources.
i have below of how the essay should be formated. Please use the format that I UPLOADED. The essayb should look exactly like that formate.
Here is a perfect example of an outline for how the assignment.
Prologue: The Genealogy and Birth Narrative (Ch 1-2)
The Appearance of the Messiah (3:1-4:11)
The Ministry of the Messiah to Israel (4:12-11:1)
The Responses to the Messiah: Rejection by Israel; Acceptance by the Disciples (11:2-20:34)
The Messiah Confronts Jerusalem (21:1-26:1)
The Messiah is Rejected Yet Victorious: The Passion and Resurrection (26-28)
This is about the Gospel of JOHN