The research paper will utilize correct style, spelling, and grammar. Th 203 students will include documentation of at least 6 research sources and consist of a body of no less than 5 full-length pages, plus the necessary title page, outline page, introduction, conclusion, footnotes, and bibliography page. For Th 503 students, the paper must be no less than 10 full-length pages and have a bibliography of at least 12 research sources. The paper must be delivered by drop box attachment on or before the deadline dates. Late papers are subject to rejection without a grade.
The research topic should come from one of the doctrines studied in this course during this semester, namely, the scriptures, God, creation, man, and angels. Write on an area of special interest to you where you’re addressing a current issue that is problematic. We want you to be able to communicate and teach the subject with clarity and confidence. Interact with the authors of your resources—tell where you agree and disagree. Reflect on your beliefs on the subject and make sure you support them with Scripture and your reasons “why”.