The purpose of this assignment is to use concepts from the readings assigned in class and class discussion to analyze some aspect of an actual public or counterpublic. You should choose a concept or concepts from the readings or your notes and use it to analyze or explain some feature of a public or counterpublic. In your analysis, you should 1) identify something that you think constitutes a public (or counterpublic) and 2) use some of the concepts from the readings or other scholarly writing on publics and counterpublics to support your argument. You might, for example, argue that people living with cancer have constituted themselves as a counterpublic, and look at some of the ways that they recognize their exclusion from wider publics and articulate that exclusion (Asen 437-443). Or you might consider whether (or the extent to which) a particular group on campus or in the community enacts some of the requirements of a public sphere (e.g. open access, participatory parity, social equality, [Fraser 63]). Or you might consider the extent to which an online forum provides for true public deliberation (Bohman). Or any other topic that interests you and allows you to explore course concepts in more depth.
i uploaded the reading for bohhman, and fraser to refer to