The purpose of this assignment is to construct an essay demonstrating your ability to produce a Research Project. Here’s what to do:
1. Select any topic from the course outline that you find particularly interesting.
2. Identify three research sources that pertain to your chosen topic. You may use journal articles and scholarly books available through Marvin Library or you may research your own internet or library sites.
3. Summarize the main points of each article, book or online source.
4. Define, discuss and apply any three specific sociological terms, concepts or theories to your chosen topic.
5. Evaluate the source. Is the source value free? Does the source use empirical evidence? Are terms operationally defined? Is there evidence of ethnocentrism in the author’s approach? Does the sponsor or author of the article or source represent a vested interest? That is, do they represent a biased point of view?
Students should be aware that this is an important assignment. The length of the paper is entirely the decision of each student but be sure to completely and comprehensively address the assignment’s guidelines. Sources must be cited in accordance with M.L.A. or A.P.A. Citation Guidelines.