The National Planning Framework “Project Ireland 2040” claims that:
“Cork already performs well as a major urban centre in Ireland and the City has positioned
itself as an emerging medium-sized European centre of growth and innovation. Building on
this potential is critical to further enhancing Ireland’s metropolitan profile”.
Question A:
Evaluate the ‘key future growth enablers’ for Cork that are presented in The National
Planning Framework “Project Ireland 2040”. (These can be found on page 49 of the
Question B:
Outline further key future growth enablers, that are not included in The National
Planning Framework, that you believe may be important for the development of Cork.
Provide a rationale for their inclusion.
Be sure to support all claims with evidence. Evidence can be in the form of theory, existing
empirical literature, official reports, data etc.
High marks are awarded for excellent (i) assessment of the statement provided; (ii) evaluation of key future growth enablers; (iii) rationale for the inclusion of further key future growth
enablers; (iv) use of supporting evidence (v) professional presentation (including writing style, layout, presentation and citation/referencing)