Site Review— Home Health Care
The student will utilize online resources to gather information for:
Hope In Home Care, LLC
11835 Rock Landing Dr
Hope Center
Newport News, VA 23606
The site review report should address and include the following:
Using the facility website:
State and Discuss the Mission of the institution. (What do they want to do and how do they want to function for their patients/clients?) This is also known as the Mission Statement which basically describes what the hospital/facility does, its purpose of it, or why it exists. (10 points)
Describe the type of healthcare facility and the services that the facility provides. (10 points)
Using the facility website, describe the population that they serve based on the service provided and the information given both in written and picture form. Consider using the US Census and geographic data bases to give you some ideas also. e.g. age, SES, gender (10 points)
Discuss, IN DETAIL, the ratings for four indicators regarding the facility as indicated on the government website below. (What do the ratings indicated about the services and care that the patient might receive? What does that tell a patient and/or family about the facility) (16 points)
MAKE SURE you click on See Details and look at the specific details:
Explore the comments from two other sites (e.g. yelp or and discuss your findings. (How do the ratings at the social media site help you to judge the facility?) (16 points)
Describe at least two impressions that you have for this healthcare facility and support the impressions with examples. (Think about if you were looking for services for yourself or a family member, what would you think?) (20 points)
Cite all the material using both APA intext citations and APA Reference list (9 points)
Complete the report using correct grammar, language, and punctuation. (9 points)