The Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Dynamics and your internal team had the opportunity to review the memo, the workflow analysis, objectives, vision, and mission statements. The project manager is onboard and received the strategy map/data table that identified the key stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities. The CEO has scheduled another meeting next week to review all components of the strategic planning model so far with you and the project manager. The CEO has asked you, the strategic planning manager, to develop a high-level marketing plan that will also include forms of communication you will use to promote the new services. See the attached assignments that connect to this one. The memo, workflow, vision, mission-is attached and must tie together with this. 
Create a marketing and promotion Strategy Diagram/Chart that includes:
The identified services (focus area)
Research and list key competitors
Research and select target markets (Who will you promote your idea to?)
Draft a promotional message (clear, brief, informative, and persuasive) that conveys information about the services/product the company will provide
Identify modes of communication (How will you present the new idea/service to your target audience?)
Create the projected marketing and promotion budget
Your assignment should include a title page, a reference page, and a minimum of two internet sources and one scholarly source, which must be from one of the attached papers. 
Rubric; -Comprehensively identified the services (focus area).  -Comprehensively researched and listed key competitors.  -Comprehensively researched and selected target markets.  -Drafted comprehensive promotional message.  -Comprehensively identified modes of communication.  -Created a comprehensive projected marketing and promotion budget.  -Used and identified three or more credible and relevant sources.