Lecture: Methodology and Results [I attach the file below]
For the Paper:
This unit focuses on creating a brief methodology section for your research paper.
You can choose between Qualitative or Quantitative Methods.
Explain why you chose the specific methodology.
Be sure to include your thesis at the top of the page. [I attach my research paper below, it includes the thesis. However, my instructor said that the thesis was not strong enough. Could you please rewrite it if possible?]
If you choose Quantitative,
You will then write a short questionnaire to give to 10 people.
At this point, all you need to hand in are your questions.
You should aim for a list of 5-10 questions that focus on your thesis area.
If you choose Qualitative,
You will write a paragraph describing what and how you want to observe in order to discover more about your thesis.
For example, you can write a proposal for an experiment that includes just observing people at work or school and writing down your observations.
Just remember, it has to be focused on your own research paper thesis.
Please note, for either method you choose, you will have to write a small (2-3 paragraph) results section for the next unit for your research paper, so keep this in mind when you choose your method.
Your instructor will use the following rubric to grade your Learning Journal:
Aspect 1: Did the student clearly pick a methodology?
Aspect 2: How well did the student exhibit the choice of methodology?
Aspect 3: Is this method of research realistic for the student to accomplish? If not, then what advice can you give?
Aspect 4: Is this a work of original thought? Has the student grasped what the direction the research should take in order to explore the thesis?
Aspect 5: How free of spelling and grammar issues is the methodology section? Are there repeating errors that can be pointed out?
Be sure to use in-text citation and provide references for your sources, including textbooks.