Produce an evaluative Annotated Bibliography of Four academic, credible sources that could possibly be used for your research paper. describe each source, as well as offer opinions on it. assess how useful a source will be for my research paper.
For each source, you should provide full bibliographic information and a brief description and analysis (about200-300words) of the source, including the following:
The credentials(if any) and credibility(or lack of) of the author/source
The purpose and thesis of the source(i.e., a summary of the source’s information)
The kind of information, examples, or authoritative support it might provide for your research paper. In other words, how is this particular source going to be useful for your essay? if you will probably use this in my essay, let me know how you will use it and why.
Success with each annotation for your bibliography or precis requires the following:
Condense the original with precision and directness. Reduce several paragraphs into a sentence, tighten an article into a brief paragraph, and summarize a book into a page.
Preserve the tone of the original. If the original is serious, suggest that tone in the precis. In the same way, retain moods of doubt, skepticism, optimism, and so forth.
Limit your quotation of the original by writing the precis in your own language. However, retain exceptional phrases from the original, enclosing them in quotation marks.
Provide documentation locating the source of your material.
Workshopping Annotated Bibliography entries
Is the bibliographic information documented according to MLA?
Are major points of the article/monograph clearly discernible?
Does the writer provide a fairly clear evaluation of whether or not this source is useful?
Does the prose of the annotation flow smoothly? It should be as concise as possible but not choppy.
Indicate where revisions or rephrasing may be necessary (deadwood constructions, etc.)
What works particularly well in each annotation? What doesn’t work so well?
Mechanics: can you find distracting grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors? Please circle and indicate the nature of the problem.
Are the left margins indented according to MLA format?
Are all entries double-spaced?
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