Please follow the instruction. Please note: the requirement of this assignment is “Assume the same product selected for your final project and use the background portion that you have developed with your team as reference”. I will tell you the product for my final project and I also write it in the instruction. My product for my final project is U-Haul, targeted to college students who want quick and localized access to high quality moving services at a reasonable price. Their households are relatively smaller, and can be easily accommodated by U-Haul’s standard trucking fleet, and movers can be contracted through U-Haul to help with boxing and packing items. Ease of access is similar to working with Zipcar. And the background is we are the urban moving company who provide home-moving and large items transportation services at any time at any place. We also provide drivers just like Uber, and rent car services just like Zipcar. Facilitating people in the city to move, combining the services of U-Haul and Uber and allowing people to experience the convenience of moving as if they were using Uber.