To write an informed, thoughtful, organized, and original
To find, analyze, and synthesize appropriate and varied research
into an argumentative essay.
To articulate and develop an original claim.
To demonstrate an understanding and adequate use of logic and
rhetorical choices.
Process and Research
Write a
1500-1750 word essay based on your original Topic Proposal and using at least 6
of sources you analyzed in the Annotated Bibliography. You should plan to
compose at least two drafts: a first draft, for peer review and instructor
conference, and a final draft, for submission.
addition to the scholarly sources you included in your Annotated Bibliography,
you may cite reference texts (like encyclopedias and dictionaries), credible
non-academic web sources (like major newspapers and government websites),
professional sources (like white papers and industry reports), and any primary
research you have conducted on your own (like surveys, interviews, and
observations). Always use the most relevant sources for your topic.
final draft must be 1500-1750 words (about 6-7 double spaced pages, not
including title page, abstract, references, and appendices). Document format,
references, and citations should conform to the APA 7th edition style guide.