It can be a concert of your choice. Live or online being that covid has been a thing for a while now.
musical sound and the contexts in which the sound takes place. primary focus of the activity.
Participants: Musicians, audiences, stagehands, onlookers,
vendors, etc. Are distinctions of
gender, race ethnicity and social/economic class important?
Interaction: How do musicians interact with other
musicians, audience members with musicians, audiences among themselves? What
Kinds of social behaviors are present?
Time, place, setting. Is it a formal concert, club setting, street
performance, informal party among friends, part of a wedding or football game
Staging: Costuming, lighting, physical
separation of audience and performers, sound amplification.
Instruments: What are the specific types
of instruments used and how are they played?
Communicative Modes: In addition to
music, are language (lyrics, introductions, talking –to-the-audience, written
program notes), dance gestures, etc. used to communicate information?
Musical Sound: How does the music relate
to the basic concepts of musical sound presented in class… Particularly, what aspects of tone and
quality of voices and instrumental sound seem important within the musical mix?
What are the textures used? Is their
some coherence between the type of event and the musical sound?