intro –
Big Question- This is the question that you want to answer with your research paper. You should already have this done. It should be a large, overriding question that your paper is going to answer
Thesis statement: This is the argument and so what for your entire paper.
First Section
Secondary Question: from your Big question, there are going to be smaller questions that will arise. You will use those questions to determine what each one of your paragraphs will be.
First secondary question:
First Piece of evidence
Second piece of evidence
Third piece of evidence
Each one of the three pieces of evidence must be from a separate source with citations.
Remember, because your paper is going to be longer, each one of your body paragraphs are going to be longer as well. This will allow you space for your three pieces of supporting evidence.
Second Section
You will follow the same mode as the first body paragraph
Third Section
You will follow the same model as the first body paragraph
Leave the reader with some final thoughts on your subject matter
Convince them your side of the argument is correct