Instructions to assignment listed below. Can be related to health or fitness. Choice topic that better helps you complete the assignment
Using iTunes or another podcast aggregator service (, for instance) download and listen to an informational podcast of at least 5 minutes in length about a technical or specialized topic (health care, finance, business, or science). A comedic or visual podcast does not meet this requirement. Note the features of the podcast that are effective, features that are ineffective, and note the length, intended audience and its value for that audience.
In a memo to your instructor, briefly describe this podcast, discuss its pros and cons and suggest specific improvements. If possible add the podcast host’s name to add to the credibility of your summary. Write a Memo, and briefly summarize the podcast; include the following:
The podcast source and length,
The intended audience for the podcast,
The podcast’s value for the audience members, then
Discuss the podcast’s pros and cons, and
Suggest specific improvements for the podcast.
Include the Podcast Host’s name.
Example of assignment below:
To: Professor
From: Student Name,