Instructions: The study of “human exceptionality” is so broad based, that I would like to give you an opportunity to complete a research paper on one aspect of human exceptionality of “your choosing”.
Beginning with Chapter 7 and ending with Chapter 15 in your text, there are 9 categories of human exceptionality that are all worth discussing in greater detail. Your assignment is to choose one area such as Autism Spectrum Disorders or Learning Disabilities. I would like you to then complete a research/discussion paper (1250 words) on that one area and address the following issues:
-Describe the foundations of this area of interest (the history, relevant laws, theories, evidence based principles, clinical definitions, etc.)
-Describe some of the developmental and other characteristics of individuals experiencing this exceptional behavior.
-Describe the “learning characteristics” of these individuals.
-Describe some of the instructional strategies, learning environments and methods of social interaction which have been proven to foster positive growth and development
-Describe the types of assessment methods used with individuals experiencing this exceptional behavior.
-Describe the current practices (negative and positive) that are used to address their unique needs and wants (school programs, professional practices, community practices)
-Lastly, after reviewing/researching this one area, do you feel this area is being fully or properly addressed in the 21 century?