In this assignment you provide a historic analysis of a present-day political issue facing the United States. Completing this activity will give you the opportunity to explore the historic roots of a present-day policy and to use the knowledge of history.
The policy should cover one of the following areas:
health care
domestic security
labor equity
racial and gender equity
foreign affairs
the White House website and other resources, research the policy’s history from the early 1990s through the present.
Prepare a historic policy analysis of approximately 1000 words, that includes the following:
An overview of the issue and its relevance to American society.
A historic context that examines how the issue has been addressed by political leaders in the past.
Please include the views of at least four presidential administrations since the late 1970s.
A set of options that the current presidential administration might take to address the issue.
A reflection on what the current policy has accomplished in the past and of where it has fallen short.
A recommended action for the incoming presidential administration to take.
As you are writing, make sure that your analysis:
Examines how the issue reflects how the U.S. stands in terms of political, social, economic, and cultural issues, in comparison to where this course started, in 1865?
Assesses what the current administration’s approach to the policy will or will not accomplish.
Considers what more might be done to make the ideals of liberty, freedom, and equality accessible to everyone.
Chicago style.