Identify a theme or themes in your introduction; make sure it relates to love and death.
a good essay is a unified essay, you should return to your theme in your conclusion and then add some extra insight rather than simply repeating what you wrote in your introduction.
Use the poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe, to answer these questions in your essay.
What is Love? How does it change our lives? How was the poet’s life different after he fell in love? What are some of the metaphors in the poem and what do they mean?
make use of figurative language, i.e. metaphors and similes of the poem and explain their meanings
Each page of each essay must have typed page numbers in the upper right-hand corner.
Papers without typed page numbers in the upper right hand corner will not be accepted.
Each essay must be typed. Essays that are not typed will not be accepted.
Font size must be 12.
Font style must be Times New Roman.
Each paragraph must be indented.
There must be no more than one double-space between paragraphs. For citations more than one sentences, use the following specifications.
a. single-space
b. font size 10
c. left indent at 1 right indent at 5.5.
Quotation marks and the appropriate MLA citation for all quotes must be used. The absence of quotation marks where needed is PLAGIARISM.