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About the Assignment
For Paper 5, you will write a formal argument essay. Students will select a topic to research and formulate an argument for (or against) from the list of topics given. You will use logic and concrete evidence to demonstrate that your opinion is valid or sound. The list of topics are located below (do NOT pick the same topic as WA4).
Students will use a minimum of 3 sources to support their position on the topic they’ve chosen. The sources have been curated so that they all appear on ProCon in some way. ProCon is NOT to be used as a source; it is merely a site to help students begin their research. Here is the link:
Due: Sunday, May 1st on Canvas by Midnight.
Minimum of 5 paragraphs, including an introduction, 3+ body paragraphs, and a conclusion
A well-developed introduction, which includes a clear, well-developed thesis.
A clear, specific, and provable thesis statement that consists of a topic + comment; the thesis MUST be located in the introduction, preferably at the end of the introduction.
Topic sentences in each body paragraph that state the focus of the paragraph and that relate to the thesis
Evidence that support your thesis (quotes/summaries)
Convincing and logical explanations that tie your support to your topic sentences
Use of specific detail in your examples and explanations
Clear organization
At least TWO quotes/summaries from your sources, but no more than FOUR direct quotes
An original title
Proper MLA in-text citations for quotes, summaries, etc. . . . anything borrowed MUST be cited, no exceptions.
Correctly formatted Works Cited page.
Citation Reminders:
Please remember that ALL sources MUST be cited appropriately in both the paper itself AND on the works cited page. If sources are not cited appropriately, the paper could earn a failing grade. Please see the course policy in the Syllabus on Academic Dishonesty.