For this assignment you are required to attend a virtual concert online that is live streamed to the audience. You can ‘attend’ any live stream concert of your choice, so it is up to you to do the preliminary research necessary for locating appropriate online events.
While you are watching the concert you should take notes so that you will be able to do the following in your paper:
1) Describe the online environment, including the platform (i.e. Twitch, Zoom, YouTube), the social parameters (i.e. Is chat available? Can audience members see one another?), and other factors (i.e. What is the appearance of the platform? Are you being targeted with ads?).
2) Describe the concert itself including the performers, instruments (if any), and the music, paying special attention to the topics covered in the textbook in chapters 1,2,3,7,9,10,11,12 & 13.
The concert paper should be 500 words in length, formatted with 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double spacing, and paragraph form.
The book in reference is uploaded in pictures and the grading scheme.