Essay Requirements:
1) Essay #4 should be a minimum of 1,250-1,500 words. The word count does not include the works cited page. This means that the essay should be a minimum of 1,250 words of content.
2) Essay #4 should include a works cited page that adheres to the convention of MLA style and reflects the pertinent bibliographic information for sources cited in the text of your essay.
3) Essay #4 should include a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 in-text citations drawn from a minimum of 4 credible sources.
4) Essay #4 should be written primarily in the third person point of view. The first-person point of view is appropriate only in moderation. The second-person point of view is not appropriate for an academic/research essay. The use of the second-person point of view will result in a significant loss of points.
5) Essay #4 should include a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
6) Essay #4 should provide the reader with a clear context for understanding the subject. That is, the writer should provide a section that articulates the significance of the topic.
7) Essay #4 should include ample development with regards to evidence – this means that final essay should contain an absolute minimum of four pieces of fully developed evidence to support the thesis.
8) Essay #4 should included a clearly articulated thesis sentence that foreshadows the how the essay will develop.
9. Essay #4 should be edited for grammar, usage, format, and mechanics.
9) Essay #4 should be revised for content.
The Assignment:
Compose a research essay that addresses the topic you have been working on since Reading Response #7 and the Annotated Bibliography
Your essay should be an research essay written primarily in the third person. Your essay should demonstrate your knoweldege of the your chosen topic. Your chosen topic must be related to horror, monsters and/or the study of monsters. This does not mean that you have to write an essay about a specific monster (although you could) . . . what it means is that your essay must demonstrate knowledge of at least one aspect of the study of monsters. Ideally, you will have begun this essay with the topic proposal (Reading Response #7) and the Annotated Bibliography. Your essay could address topics such as: monsters and morality; The Walking Dead, Zombies, and Leadership; Edward Cullen’s evolutionary vampire; monsters and cultural taboos and desires; reresentation and sirens. Be aware that these are just possibilities / examples. They are not intended as a list of topics you must choose from . . .
Your essay should demonstrate ethical choices with regards to the use of rhetorical strategies. Additionally, your essay should demonstrate ethical choices with regards to the inclusion of source material. Third, your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the qualities of effective writing including, but not limited to the following: organization, focus, clarity, specificity, intelligence, grammatical proficiency, format proficiency, mechanical proficiency, and awareness of audience.