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This is my dissertation, so it’s important to be precise with the message. If you are writing an introduction, it needs to be specifically related to my dissertation rather than the building. I don’t want a Wikipedia type of writing and information that can be easily found via a quick search. I would like a critical thinking approach. Please talk about the concepts that have been thought and implemented throughout the design of the duomo rather than the historical facts and only speak of facts when they are relevant. Concepts and ideas shaped the building of the duomo di Milano (not in the past but also at the current time), some good and some bad, so it’s also important to talk about the critics and praise around the building. Compare and draw similarities and differences to other works and not only buildings, for example, Victor Hugo’s thoughts on the Eiffel tower or Stravinsky ‘the rite of spring’, the current debate on the Notre dame roof there are also numerous debates around the building duomo di Milano so please find them and analyse them critically. Please Check these people’s work and reviews on Duomo di Milano and make sure you mention them in the literature review. Also, some of them did a review on Duomo in Florence, so it’s important to do comparisons and similarities. The concept of time in a philosophical manner of building Duomo is quite important; a book called ‘building in time’ is a good source for a start. I have attached some documents to help you, but you should carry out in-depth research to find out more sources.
some resources and names to look up but feel free to add even more content and names:
The Théophile Gautier, Stendhal, Goethe, Ruskin, Alberti, Henry James
Histroic travller in Italy
Romantic poets: Byron, Shelley, Keats

The final word, please keep critical thinking and writing in mind for this work.