Each student will complete a written five (5) page Research Paper. The student will submit a research paper that discusses a fingerprint detection method utilized as the PRIMARY evidentiary material in a court case –> Brandon Mayfield case Madrid Train Bombing
The completed research paper will include the following:
 Use 12-point font, double-spaced format, and one-inch margins throughout the paper.
 Length should be approximately five (5) pages long (this does not include your title page or
 Paper will include a header (i.e., the shortened title of paper and page number).
 APA regulations require a reference page including all references ascribed to in paper; properly cite
the sources both in the body of the paper and on a separate “References” page.
 Paper must include two (2) scholarly references (i.e., peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles) AS
WELL AS one (1) textbook