Discussion: Developing Advocacy Strategies
NASW focuses on social change through advocacy. This is evidenced in its Social Justice Briefs. In addition to an overview of critical social problems, the briefs include additional examples of policy analysis and various alternatives for social change that will broaden the context for your own investigation into the social problem you selected for your Social Change Project.
For this Discussion, you will review NASW’s social justice initiatives for social change by reviewing their Social Justice Briefs. This will also support you as you activate your advocacy in the form of a letter or email to a local or state representative for your Assignment this week.
To Prepare:
Read Chapter 11 of the Jansson text.
Review the Social Justice Briefs resource from NASW found in the Learning Resources this week.
Select one Social Justice Brief that resonates with you based on your advocacy goals or recent investigation into a social problem.
By Day 3
Post to your Discussion, addressing the following:
Identify the title of the Social Justice Brief you selected.
Explain why you chose the Social Justice Brief.
Describe how you might advocate for change based on the analysis in the brief.
Respond to at least two of your colleagues and compare your respective approaches to advocacy. Does your method need to change based on the social problem or geographic region?
*attachment file contains resource material chapter 11