Cultural Anthropology Final Research Essay
Overview: The objective of this research essay is to identify a culture outside of the United States or subculture within the U.S. (minority group) and research this culture in relation to one of the topics listed below or other topic that relates to the field of cultural anthropology. You may select any culture or group, so long as you are able to find enough valid information and references to construct an essay that contains the requirements listed below.
❖ Significant holiday or celebration
❖ Death rituals
❖ Marriage rituals
❖ Beliefs in magic and the supernatural
❖ Mythologies and its effects on this culture ❖ The role of storytelling
❖ Rites of passage
❖ Any aspect of cultural “performance”
❖ Different “ranks” in society (peasants, royalty, class, caste, etc.)
❖ Deviance and social control
❖ Race and ethnicity, and implications of
such divisions
❖ Gender roles
❖ Social media (function of social media)
Part One: The first portion of the essay should focus on the following: A detailed description of the culture, topic, and the characteristics of the topic within the given culture (who/what/when/where/why/how), and any historical aspects related to the topic within the culture. There should be an emphasis on why the topic is practiced in such a way, and the overall meaning and significance for the cultural inhabitants. The information found in the research should be presented in a non-bias fashion that represents an anthropological mind at work and original thought. Part One will be assessed by how well the questions are answered with clear, evidence-based information with proper in-text citations. (40 points)
Part Two: This portion of the essay should demonstrate an understanding of the course material and ability to apply that knowledge to the research discussed in the first portion of the essay. This will be accomplished by discussing four specific examples from the course material that relate to the
research. These should be indicated by specific headings for each example. The discussion of each connection to our course material should provide a clear understanding of the example and appropriate anthropological connections to the research. (20 points)
Reference list: At least five references should be used.
Format: APA Style; follow the basic formatting guidelines but don’t worry about including an abstract. Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font.
Length: Minimum of five pages in length (not including the title page and reference pages).