Critial Analysis + Research
“Patient and Provider Relationships”
The purpose of the assignment is to mobilize what you’ve learned in class, and what you explored in your previous writing assignments, in order to advance a clear, original argument about the patient provider relationships in the course reading. You will be evaluated on the following four criteria: overall argument and clear thesis statements; analyze and support; research; and mechanics.
Patient- provider relationships are meant in the broadest sense possible, covering person-to-person interactions as well as the medical industry relationship to patients, more publicly conceive. In other words, you are invited to write about any aspect of the relationship (it’s absence or presents, it’s health, it’s consequences, is development, challenges or triumph, and so on) between patients and providers that our course reading frames: Politics, patient outcomes, negligence, Intimacy, music, race, history, religion, family, friendship, gender, consent, grief, eavesdropping, obligation , sex, etc. Whatever you’re central concern, your task is to write a well-design, well-developed, paper that offers Close readings of significant moments from your chosen text as evidence to support your reading / arguments
5 Pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, and carefully, meticulously proofread. 12 PT times new Roman font. 1 inch margin, 12 point font. Use MLA formatting for your citations. You will be evaluated on the following criteria: Relevance to the prompt; arguments and thesis, analyze and support (research + close reading), Organization and structure, and mechanics.
Whatever your essential concern (topic / theme) becomes, this is an argumentative, thesis-directed paper, one backed up by evidence from the text and at least three secondary sources your evidence comes not just from dropping in relevant passages from the text, but in your producing a thoughtful, detailed reading (or analysis) of those passages. therefore, you are required to “paraphrase, and some rational primary sources at least 4 to 6 times as you build your argument (properly format in MLA style w/ a works cited page). I encourage you to explore the library’s online databases, especially “chasiti,” “proquest one academic,” and “project muse” for relevant sources related to your text and topic. you are encouraged to synthesize and organize the information you gathered from these sources into your analysis. Use ML a formatting for your citations.
at some point, your paper should bring two texts from this class into conversation with one another where you should focus on one central text like The immortal life of Henrietta lacks in your paper, I am asking you to take the ideas from another text and said them into conversation. For example, how can you use Mary Shelley in Frankenstein to think through skloot the immortal life of Henrietta lacks? The point is to read one text by the light of another. To be clear, this is not a comparative paper, however, skt does this, and Shelly does that! Rather, the point is to use one takes in its ideas to help produce or frame a reading of another
What is a Critical Analysis?
A critical analysis is it thoughtful, careful, detailed analysis of specific moments in a piece of literature. You should devote real time and attention to the language of the text, it analyzes the words on the page to talk about how meaning is made. This kind of Analysis is one of the central components of nearly all successful critical essays and involves the unpacking of something complex by offering deliberate, Close attention to language and form.
A critical analysis is always a good argument, you are asking the reader to see and interpret the text your way. your analysis will be directed towards how the theme you have identified is developed through the work, what the work says about the theme, the significance of the theme in the work, and/or what the author is saying about the theme. as you analyze the literary work, support your assertions with examples from the text and how this relates to the overall work. Your evidence comes not just from dropping in relative passages from your primary source, but in your producing and analysis of the passages you believe best illustrates your topic
What is Research?
this is an argumentative paper, one backed up by evidence from the text, it should also be backed up by at least one secondary source that is to be cited in your paper. Your secondary sources can come from scholarly books or articles published in peer reviewed journals. Someone’s personal blog or a student study side like grade saver or SparkNotes do not count as Peer reviewed. Set up a meeting with a librarian (UTM librarians are specialists and are here to support the research of the university that includes your work), or browse the relevent shelves at the main library; draw on the library’s online database catalog (for example, “jstor,” “proquest one academic,” and “project muse”) for relevant sources related to your text and topic. your goal is to synthesize and organize the information you gather from these sources into your analysis by drawing on a larger scholarly conversation.
Here are some suggestions: you might take a thematic approach to your paper and discuss a recurring idea that you believe is central. For example, you might trace empathy, or death, vanity, racism, illusion, etc. and how it effects our readings of a particular text / its notion of the relationships between patients and providers. you may choose to concentrate on a specific image or metaphor and trace is development throughout the text. Alternatively, eggs yourself what historical events or determinats seem especially Crucially read present it or grappled with by your primary text? What aspects of this history do you want to investigate? Whatever the case may be, your analyst should be focused enough than what you are demonstrating to your reader is clear, A good indication of this will be whether or not your thesis statement is focused in specific.
How to begin: you should try to define in as focused A manner as possible the question you will be asked about your primary choice text. You may wish to begin with a broad question (e.g., “what is the role of violence in Frankenstein? “) and refine this question into a series of more focused ones (e.g.,”How is it significant that both Frankenstein and he’s a monster how about taking life in the novel?” and “why or how does violence blonde Dr. Frankenstein to his creation, and the monster to the doctor?”) The more you can refined your questions now, the better able you will be determined a productive area to which to pursue research. You will also see yourself up to produce a focus, coherent argument when you write your paper.