Carefully reread Clark’s “Afterword.” Her last sentence reads: “If the influence of Christian Zionism on western policy continues to exert the hold it does today, there is a chance we may all become allies for Armageddon.” Explain what she means and why she wrote that, and then give an argument for your agreement or disagreement with her statement.
The pages should have one-inch margins with no extra line spaces between paragraphs. Page numbers must appear in the upper right corner beginning on page 2 and at the bottom of page 1. Any sources used should be documented parenthetically by giving the author’s last name and the page number (E.g., Clark, 45). Include a “Works Cited” page at the end.
75% of the evaluation of the essays will be based on the strength of the Introduction, which should include a clear Statement of the Thesis or Main idea, Organization, and Development of the ideas. 25% will be based on Style, Mechanics, Formatting, and Fulfilment of the assignment. This includes the correct use of standard, written English (especially the avoidance of sentence fragments, comma splices, agreement and punctuation errors, and misspellings)