Assignment Details:
Using the CTU APA template, write an argument to convince your audience to take up a hobby or interest that you are passionate about. This could be a sport you play (or follow), a craft you make, an activity you do with friends or family, or any other interest that you are passionate about. Your argument should consist of at least 3 paragraphs and include at least 1 outside source to support your point. (If you include more than 1 source or if your argument has more than 3 paragraphs, that’s okay.)
Suggested Tips for Completing This Assignment
Begin with the outline that you created in Unit 2, and develop your thoughts into paragraphs.
A good way to structure your argument is to include the following:
An introduction paragraph, where you introduce your hobby or interest
A body paragraph, where you explain your reasons that others should try it (including information from your source)
A conclusion paragraph, where you restate your main point and leave your reader with something to think about
Include the in-text citation for your source in the body of your argument.
In most cases, this would be just the author and the date: (Smith, 2021).
On a separate References page, include the full entry for your source. Refer to the CTU Library page on APA references to help you with this part.