All posts should be written using full sentences in paragraph form. The use of philosophical concepts, wherever relevant, is highly recommended to earn full points. Please provide both in-text citations and post-text references. Do not bother claiming that you did not provide in-text citations and post-text references because everything came from your head. You are required to include textual evidence for your claims, which includes using specific ideas from our readings to support your ideas, and you must also cite those readings using APA Style both in the body of your response and at the end on a References list. We wouldn’t want to plagiarize in an Ethics class! 🙂
use the Ethics for A-level book
first initial post need to be 205 words after that i will send you 2 of my peers post for you respond 100 words each.
Discussion Prompt
Select one of the three prompts below to respond to in your initial post this week. You are encouraged to respond to peers that explored prompts that you did not.
Prompt #1
Discuss the implications of moral consideration on some of the following practices involving nonhuman animals: meat-eating habits, pet ownership, the use of nonhuman animals in experimentations, and keeping animals in zoos.
In what ways, if any, do any of the above actions represent incompatible, even contradictory, moral values?
Do humans have a moral obligation to modify our lifestyle in order to recognize the moral status of nonhuman others?
Do you believe any of the nonhuman animals mentioned above (pets, farmed animals, zoo animals, etc.) would qualify as moral subjects, and perhaps even moral agents?
Which ethical theory (utilitarian, social contract, Kantian, etc.) is most consistent with your outlook on animals?
(USLOs 5.1, 5.2, 5.3)