A couple of notes on the final project.
First, you only need to connect three of the four disciplines (science, social science, humanities, or fine arts) to your topic. And that topic can be literally anything, just as long as you can make a clear argument.
Second, about Braiding Sweetgrass. Many of you have asked about specific chapters that relate to the disciplines.
Third, the connection to Braiding Sweetgrass can be as an illustrative example or simply a concept she uses or speak about. To use an example I shared with one of your colleagues, if you were writing about mental health you could reference one of the places where she talks about being at peace in the woods or the work clearing the pond. These are ways to illustrate what people do for their mental health and that would be an acceptable way to connect to book. If you were talking about gender representation you could look at the places she talks about the disparity of women in her botany classes. It doesn’t have to be so explicit as “Kimmerer says…about mental health.” Be creative and think about ways to tie the book into your argument.