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– You can do the assigment on any company you would like just please tell me the name of the compnay before you
– An excel file will need to be submitted along with the report where the calcualtions were done.
– Attached is an example of the assigment you can use just as a refereence.
Determine how to calculate the duration, Macaulay’s duration, Modified duration, and convexity of a bond associated with any security. Do not choose the same security as another student. Turn in your paper that explains the calculations and what they mean for your company. Remember: you should submit two documents in this portal (the word paper document and the excel file showing your calculations). Your analysis should be at least 2 pages (excluding charts, graphs, etc.), 12pt font, double space, page margins must not be more than 1″ top/bottom and 1.25″ left/right.