This week, in addition to completing the project, you are reading/watching Rosseau, Bentham, Mill, and Singer. Because philosophy is always relevant to any time period in history, this is true of our current time. Much of the debate surrounding Covid-19 is what we owe one another. As an individual in America, how much of my own individual freedoms do I give up in order to protect others? What do I want others to give up to protect me?
Answer/address the following: 
1. Explain Rosseau’s Social Contract Theory. If you need to look outside of your textbook readings for this week, tell what source you read in order to understand the theory.
2. How does this theory apply to Covid-19 lockdowns, masks, and vaccines? 
3. Do you think it would be helpful if more people understood the philosophical foundation of the Social Contract Theory? Could we have more rational discussions about the balance between freedom and protection?
4. Since Covid-19 became such a huge part of our lives, have your views changed of certain people in your life? Do you have relationships that are strained because of a difference of opinion about how much freedom we should give up in order to have government protections?
Link to textbook
You should create an initial post of at least 400 words.
For 25 pts, did you:
show analysis of the given questions or issue?
include pertinent information from text or outside reading?
write with unity and coherence?
include a personal voice and personal insight about the issue at hand?
answer all questions asked? 
meet your word count?