There are many versions of the Cinderella story. The most famous are the French version by Charles Perrault and the German version by the Grimms. Get a copy of the Perrault version online (it’s the one you know through Disney). Read and compare them. They are superficially similar, but substantially different. For example, there are religious references in the Grimms tale. In Perrault, it’s all about magic. The lives of the Grimms and the life of Perrault and what critics have said about the Grimms and about Perrault. Structure your essay around the basic idea “These are not the same stories. They differ in their theme, characters, and tone.” Also compare, “Werewolf” and “Red Riding Hood” just as “Aschenputtel” and “Cinderella” by Sexton. Inform your reader what you’ve learned from your research in your own words and show how “they’re not the same story” between the two, “Werewolf” AND “Red Riding Hood”, and as well as Aschenputtel” AND “Cinderella”. It should be an argumentative essay in which you present your interpretation of some aspect of one or more works of poetry, fiction, or drama and try to convince the reader that your interpretation is correct. Citations should follow the MLA style guidelines. Make sure that your essay is virtually free of mechanical or grammatical errors before you submit it.