Review the Emerging Law on page 454 of your text. In 2016, Snapchat was sued because a teenager viewed explicit posts on the Discover section of the App. Review the complaint by the teenager and his mother in the section. Do you agree with the complaint? What rules did Snapchat put in place as a result of this? What can Snapchat do to protect kids?
Is Indecency explained?
What are the legal elements of indecency? Did the Snapchat content meet the level of indecency as defined by the law?
Causes of Action:
Did the Complaint filed against Snapchat include a cause of action for indecency? (Hint: Review the five causes of action listed in the complaint.) What are the five causes of action listed?
Merits of the case:
Do you think that the plaintiff will win on any of the five causes of action listed? What do you think the plaintiff’s chances of winning an indecency claim might be? Explain.
Research resources, Well written and MLA format followed:
Does the student cite to the textbook and other academic resources? Is the paper well written? Is MLA style followed with a Works Cited Page that follows the hanging indent format?