Research Paper Topic- Probation system and how the corrections system functions
1. Title Page: State title of paper, course name and number, author’s name, and date of
2. Length: Minimum is SIX FULL PAGES. Title page and bibliography/works cited pages are
not included in minimum requirement.
3. Form: Final copy must be typed double-spaced and submitted to the professor in Microsoft
4. Citations to cases, books, or articles must appear in text in accordance with the current edition
of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Whenever exact words or
paraphrases are used, credit must be given to the author to avoid plagiarism. No form of
plagiarism, cheating, or academic misconduct will be tolerated. Papers are not to be purchased,
revised from the work of other students, or otherwise received, edited, and reverse engineered
from any source including the Internet and submitted as your own work. Additional research and
citation assistance may be found in the presentation provided in the folder entitled “research
materials” via your course’s homepage.
5. Bibliography/Works Cited: On a separate page, prepare this page per APA format. Mandatory
minimum of four (4) sources. Electronic sources must be professional in nature and of academic
significance (Do not use Wikipedia). Peer reviewed academic journals are best. Try to avoid using
general introductory textbooks, magazines, and newspapers as sources. Your text for this class
should not be one of the required sources.
Research assignments will be graded on content and form. Grade will be lowered a minimum of
One Full Grade for each of the following reasons: less than minimum page requirement, more
than 3 spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, incorrect format, incorrect citations, or failure to cite
appropriate sources.
Let me know if you have any questions