Reaction paper theme/topic to discuss on:
What is the essence of Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the overall context of Peace? Is there an alternative platform or process that can serve as a better alternative? What are the contributing factors or elements to make TRC process a success?
NOTES ON APA Format Requirements
Minimumof 500 words, double spaced with 1-inch margins
Times New Roman, 12 font size, black ink
Running head: all caps on the left
Pages on the top right
Gender neutral language
Concise and clear language
Use of the third person
Most professional word choices
Properly cited using APA format
Use of direct quotes and paraphrasing in text citation (e.g. Lastname, 2019, pp 3-6)
All in text citations must be reflected in reference page
All enlisted sources in the reference page must be seen in the in-text/in-paragraph citations.
Ten (10) points deduction shall apply for non compliance with APA standards