Professors Instructors PLEASE READ CAREFULLY*****:
From the following website of the Human Genome Project (cut and paste this link into your browser): (Links to an external site.)
This will bring you to a list of genetic disorders listed in alphabetical order. Pick one that you find interesting but does not involve chromosomal mutations resulting from an aberrant number of chromosomes (such as Down syndrome or Klinefelter syndrome). Using at least four (4) websites as resources, research and type a 600 word summary describing the disorder. If you click on the tab entitled “Resources” at the page top you can find links to various reliable resources.
Please remember that you must summarize the information in your own words. I will use TURNITIN software to check for originality. Any case of plagiarism will result in a zero (0) and referral to the Academic Dean. A good resource to help avoid committing plagiarism is: (Links to an external site.).
You should make sure to include the following in your summary:
Name of disorder/cancer and gene that causes it (1pt)
On what chromosome the gene is located (1pt)
Disorder/Cancer symptoms (20pts)
Are there treatments available? If so, what is the treatment? (6pts)
Incidence of the disorder in the human population (how common is it?) (1pt)
Does it affect certain ethnic groups more than others? If yes, list which group(s) it affects. (1pt)
At the end of your summary, list your websites as “References” using the following format:
Name of website. [Retrieved] Date, [from] URL of Website
Drums from Africa. Retrieved May 17, 2020, from