Please write a legal brief arguing about Argentina unlawful actions in the Antarctica in the point of view of Chile. The
brief will talk about Argentina’s illegal claim of the territory in Antarctica and the their illegal widget mining in the area
that affects the native people in the area. What have Argentina been doing in the region that is considered unlawful
toward other parties in the region. You can also add more topic to argue if you find any more.
In the provided file there will be a file about the background information of the case and the other sources will list of
useful laws that can be used to argue your point.
You will need to balance the legal arguments/claims with the facts of the case. A numbered brief might look like this
(clearly, your facts and reasoning may be—and should be—longer than this brief example).
· (1) Violation of Article 22 of the 1969 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations regarding the obligation of the
receiving State to protect diplomatic facilities. By failing to respond repeated requests by US Embassy officials during
the storming of the embassy by militants, the Iranian government failed to provide even the most basic of protection
services as outlined in the Vienna Convention.
on the first file, I highlighted the main facts of case regarding to the topic, but your are still reccommended to read
through all of them. You can also add more external sources if you feel
law sources:

The Antarctic Treaty (1959)