Please follow the requirements and PPT to complete the assignment
Please inset a picture of the article content in the article
And I already send the example of image in the file
Develop the structure for a website you have always wanted to
develop or you have always thought should exist.
You can provide the materials in 3 pages as WORD or EXCEL or PowerPoint. I
don’t need the details in each Section but more of the layout/structure of the site
and how things would flow within it.
I am looking for 3 things
1. What the website is about and why it should exist
2. Relative structure from pages, sections format
3. How it would interact with today’s Social media strategies and competitors
out there today
This homework is a few pages on a design website you think you be made and how you would design it.
For example I think there should be a site called available musicians. It would be like an on call so bars would have a site to get musicians for random events or if they had a cancellation. Then I would layout the site with things like types of music, regional locations et c..
And you just develop these ideas on Pages , with some graphics/text boxes .. you are not handing in a designed site.. you are handing in how you would be designing it. Be creative with graphics to show your thoughts on the design and website features you think are
This post should be about how or what you can do to design a new website of your own, not talk about other websites. And you should tell how to design the new website out of the box.