paper formating and sources are optional.
please read the instructions carefully.
Each question is marked as [O] or [S] denoting Objective or Subjective respectively. The first 4 questions are O’s while the remaining 4 are S’s. [O] questions have a well-defined correct answer and will be graded accordingly. An explanation of the answer is required. Keep your answer to the point. [S] questions can have several “correct” answers and will be graded accordingly. Formulate your response with the following mindset: Suppose you are the security expert in your organization and your boss poses this question to you for your expert opinion. How would you respond? • Answers are anticipated to require a short paragraph. Say 5-6 lines at most. However, no minimum or maximum size is specified. Use your judgement. Stay on topic and address the question.
The Questions and required text book are attached below.