The final project for this class is a financial analysis/company valuation analysis for a publicly traded U.S.
Company. The final result will be delivered in the format of a written paper. As a general guide, the written paper should
be at least SIX pages, double spaced. A cover page, works cited page, and appendix doesn’t count toward the page
Suggested Approach
• Identify a publicly traded company that interests you. This should be a company for which historical
data are readily available. (NOTE: The chosen company must currently be paying a dividend.)
In choosing the company, also consider the availability of other information that will be helpful in
completing the assignment.
• Research background information on your company.
• Gather the relevant data to complete the various analyses outlined on the next page.
• Based on your analyses, determine a “fair valuation” of your company.
• Follow the format listed on the next page.
• One student per company. The first student to submit an acceptable proposal will be granted that
• If you are having trouble choosing a company, see me as soon as possible.
• To gather information on an entity, you can use financial websites, such as, YahooFinance, CNBC, and
Bloomberg. In addition, it is likely helpful to access the corporation’s most recent annual report. This can
be obtained by either doing an online search for the company’s annual report or going to the company’s
website directly.
• E-mail the instructor with your intended company by no later than Friday, April 22nd