Note for the writer: No sources required (use all work and references from previous assignment)
Please read the assignment description carefully. The format and length requirements must be followed as stated.
Assignment 4: District Assessment Plan is the culminating project for our course. As a result of the assessment audit you completed and your increased knowledge regarding the purpose of multiple types of assessment, you will be creating a District Assessment Plan that interfaces with your School/District Improvement Plan. The plan should be a guide for a balanced assessment system that describes the role and purpose of multiple forms of assessment. It is aligned with the mission/vision of the district, and when implemented provides the results required to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders. The plan should be aligned with standards, curriculum, and instruction.
The District Assessment Plan should include a 5-page narrative that addresses the criteria on the rubric, and a 2-page handout.
Introduction (on page 2; no heading should be used for the introduction)
Provide an overview of your paper and include the following:
How will you address the findings of your assessment audit?
As a result of our course readings and discussions, what will you include in the District Assessment Plan that doesn’t currently exist?
Will the components of data collection, analysis, and reporting results build upon a plan that is already in place, shift a plan that is already in place, or will these be new components to consider?
Think critically about your previous assignments, but do not duplicate your previous assignments. What will you enhance or change? What new components will you create?
Mission and Vision
What is your district’s mission and vision?
How is the District Assessment Plan that you have created for our course aligned with the district’s mission and vision?
Standards Alignment
With which standards is the District Assessment Plan (that you created for our course) aligned?
Purpose and Goals of Assessments
What is the purpose of the formative and summative assessments in the District Assessment Plan you have created?
How does the purpose relate to school improvement goals and program evaluation goals?
Types of Assessments
What are the types (i.e., formative, summative) of the assessments in the District Assessment Plan that you created?
How are the assessments used to measure student achievement and evaluate programs?
How are reliability and validity addressed? Include specific information (and citations) about the reliability and validity of the assessments in your plan.
Data Analysis
In the District Assessment Plan you created, how, when, and by which stakeholder groups will data be used for the following:
Decision Making
Improving Instruction
Decision Making Recommendations
How will decision making recommendations become more data driven as a result of using your District Assessment Plan by administrators and faculty?
Construction of Calendar, Schedules, Technology, and Staff Development
What is your analysis of each of the following as they relate to alignment with curriculum, instruction, and assessment:
Assessment Calendar
Professional Development
Alignment (or lack of it) should be noted and become the foundation of your recommendations in this
Leader’s Role
What are your personal strengths and areas for growth as a leader serving as a change agent and possibly implementing the District Assessment Plan you created?
What future directions do you suggest?
How would you apply your learning from our course to support personnel to implement the District Assessment Plan you created?
2-Page Handout (in Appendix)
What information will you include on your handout to be used for professional development regarding your District Assessment Plan? The handout should convey all of the required components of the District Assessment Plan.