(must contain all of criteria below)
a. “I am one of the 50,000.”: i. Pick 3 women on this webpage
ii. Summarize each of their clinical situation.
iii. Describe what healthcare staff did well.
iv. Describe what healthcare staff did not do well or did not do.
v. What should have been done?
b. “Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it.” deliveries/2018/07/26/maternal-mortality-rates-preeclampsia-postpartum- hemorrhage-safety/546889002/
i. Summarize this article.
ii. Describe 3 things you learned from this article.
iii. What surprised you about the facts and information in this article? iv. How can healthcare change the outcomes?
v. How can you as a nursing student or new nurse help to change outcomes?
c. Describe any of the above concepts that will be helpful in your future nursing practice.