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Registered nurses are losing their dignity at work, due to workplace violence (humiliation, intimidation, verbal abuse, victimization, exclusion, and isolation). One would question the productivity of a nurse, not only are they dealing with patient care, but workplace violence as well. According to Workplace Bullying in Nursing: A Problem That Can’t Be Ignored (Links to an external site.), John S. Murray explains, “Carol’s supervisor continually belittled her in front of other staff and patients, told her she should have chosen another profession, spoke to her in a condescending manner, used demeaning language, or just completely ignored her” ( For example, when a nurse “supervisor” speaks to a nurse in a “condescending manner” in front of colleagues they are left feeling humiliated and “belittled” by the situation. If nurses are under constant psychological stress their levels of productivity are going to plummet, and patient care is simply not going to be the same because of the added stress of bullying. In addition, the use of verbal abuse as a form of intimidation in a hospital is “demeaning” and unprofessional because nursing should be focused solely on patient care. Hospitals are meant for caring and part of that is letting the patient know they are emotionally cared for and also the nurse under the supervisor should feel cared for as well. Nurses choose their “profession” in order to help people, not to fall victims to oppressive behavior that puts them down and ridicules them. Furthermore, when nurses go through victimization they tend to feel excluded and isolated from their colleagues, which leads to high levels of stress and uncertainty in the nursing career. Nurses that are outcasted, stay outcasted for fear of the repercussions by the aggressor. In conclusion, lateral violence in the workplace is a real issue that affects nurses more than one would think, and though there are plans in place to limit these situations they still continue, due to the fact that bullies in the workplace feel the need to push their agendas on others. Moreover, the best way to limit these incidents is by having a quick thirty-minute stress debriefing as a group where nurses are reminded that they’re all adults and need to be kind and courteous to each other.
The actions of a few bad nurses can leave geriatric patients scared mentally and physically for the rest of their remaining lives. Hospitals are known for taking care of patients, but often patients find themselves victims of abuse and neglect which demoralizes patients and leaves them scarred mentally and physically. For example, geriatric patients are affected the most by abuse and neglect from nurses in a hospital setting. According to How older persons explain how they became victims of abuse (Links to an external site.), experts state, “Perceptions of older victims as being useless, unnecessary and ‘too old’ (as sensitively expressed by interviewee 2 above) were part of their explanations for the occurrence of abuse in their life” ( Patients that are “older” are looked at as lesser members of society which aggregators see as easy “victims” of “abuse”. It is said that once someone reaches a certain age they are looked at as “useless” and “unnecessary” by some nurses and society as a whole. In addition, the “occurrence of abuse” leaves many patients feeling helpless and depressed. Furthermore, Geriatric patients have to find ways to cope with their pain and suffering. According to How older persons explain how they became victims of abuse (Links to an external site.), experts ascertain, “Older victims used different coping strategies. Some relied on themselves (self-help), while others sought help and support from family members and friends” ( It is hard for “older victims” to cope with the injustices because they are too helpless and they cannot get the accountability of a patients right to dignity and real genuine care. Also, “family” and “friends” offer support by listening and helping them cope with their traumatic experiences, but a lot of the damage is irreversible. In other words, abuse and neglect can happen so fast, but the repercussions are constantly there affecting and changing everyday life.
In a Hospital setting the relationship between nurses and patients can be productive and affect morale positively as long as everyone treats each other with respect and dignity. For example, the bullying that happens among nurses in Hospitals is unprofessional because it takes away the dignity of both patients and nurses. Nurses have the responsibility of giving care and helping patients heal, but they find themselves being victims of humiliation and mistreatment in the workplace. Moreover, nursing supervisors use their power to belittle and ridicule nurses into doing everything they please. If respect and dignity start at the top of the pyramid and work their way down nurses will learn through the example put in place by their supervisors. All things considered, nurses dedicate so much time and effort to their respected professions. One would find it unfair that nurses are mistreated with such high disregard. In addition, there should be a lot more respect given between nurses, positivity breeds positivity which enhances morale, productivity, and overall great patient care. It’s not so hard to imagine a nursing environment where professionals treat each other as intended and garnish the best patient care. On the other hand, Nurse to patient violence is dehumanizing because patients have been known to be hit, dragged, and left lying in their own feces for hours at a time. People find themselves in the Hospital at their lowest points in life seeking love, care, and guidance but in reality, are at times treated less than human. Unfortunately, those most affected by nurse-to-patient violence are the elderly. One can see through research the injustices they have to go through, if more were exposed to it, one would find themselves sick to their stomach. They are treated as less than human and as if their voice holds no value. Furthermore, new nursing graduates should set the standard amongst their fellow colleagues and patients. Nurses should treat everyone with the utmost respect that they deserve and leave everlasting impressions on their patients.